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  • *Select Cover Size/Dimensions

    Please select the size/dimensions of your cover.

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  • *Select Vinyl Top Color

    Please choose a vinyl top color by selecting one of the color images. NOTE:The colors shown here are intended as approximates and can vary depending on your display monitor. The actual colors will also vary slightly by dye lot, run or manufacture of material.

  • *Select Foam Density (Click Image)

    The Foam Density is the strength of the foam.  The denser the foam, the stronger and more durable it is.  Denser foam should be selected if you want a more rigid and longer lasting cover.  It is especially important in areas that have snow (2 lb density is recommended).  The stronger the density, the less likely it is to prematurely bend, break or bow.  A higher density is also recommended if you have children, pets or errant adults.  A denser foam will also be less likely to get water absorption and will also provide better heat retention.

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  • *Select Foam Thickness (Click Image)

    Select your foam thickness/taper by clicking on an image.  The standard cover comes with 4" x 2" tapered foam.  This means it is 4" thick, in the middle, and tapers down to 2" on the edge.  The taper allows for water and snow run off.  The thicker the foam, the better the heat retention.  The 5" x 3" taper foam will provide better heat retention and is like an extra blanket of insulation.  The 6" x 4" taper foam offers the best heat retention an is like two extra blankets of insulation. 

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  • *Select Skirt Length Option?

    Please select the Skirt Length option you would like.  The skirt is what hangs down on the side of the cover. It is mostly aesthetic and should hang down long enough to cover the exposed shell of the spa.  Measure the skirt length from the bottom of the foam down.

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  • *Select Foam Plastic Wrap Option?

    Please select the core wrap option you would like. The polyethylene sheeting is wrapped around the foam core and inserted into the vinyl. This helps protect the foam core from water absorption. Double wrapping the foam core will increase the life of your spa cover by up to 20%. Double wrapping is two layers of polyethylene sheeting protection.

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    Please check a box or boxes of any additional options you would like to add to your order. For a description of each item, place your cursor over the "tooltip icon" or "?".  Descriptions of each of these options are also described in the "Features" tab that you can select from main menu on the top of your screen.

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